TWP’s Ayre project, located to the east of Orkney, will be a 1GW floating wind farm, contributing to the UK and Scottish Government’s targets for accelerating floating wind capacity. Through its local supply chain targets, TWP supports Scotland and the wider UK in developing exportable goods and services for the global floating wind sector.


Ground investigations commence in Caithness for the project's cable routes.

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Key Questions

How much energy will the Ayre Offshore Wind Farm produce?

We expect this site will be able to produce 1GW of energy, which is enough to power more than 1.2 million homes. This capacity may be exceeded if we can harness innovations in performance and design as we develop the project.

What will the wind farm look like?

We are just at the concept stage (which means we are deciding on the turbine and foundation models for the wind farm before our engineers start work on a detailed design). 

Our investigations so far suggest that the likely scenario will be 40 to 60 turbines, which could range from 15MW to 25MW. 15MW is the biggest turbine today, so while we are exploring the more ambitious options up to 25MW (wind turbine development can exceed expectations!), we would expect to be at the lower end of the range.

The turbines are likely to sit on floating foundations. This is an emerging technology, where turbines are not fixed to the seabed but float on the water and are tethered in place using mooring lines and anchors (similar to how a vessel sits in the water). 

In 2025, as part of our offshore consents (where we submit our Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to the Scottish Government’s Marine Directorate), we will produce a visualisation of what the wind farm would look like from shore. We would not expect the turbines to be visible from Caithness at all and we anticipate almost no visibility from Orkney.

Why is this wind farm being built in Scottish waters?

The 20 ScotWind projects will produce up to 27.6GW of renewable energy. ScotWind will help complete Scotland’s net-zero journey and ensure that the economic opportunity of the global energy transition is captured here in Scotland.

All ScotWind developers have set out supply chain commitments, where we outline how we will award significant contracts to local supply chain and help develop this local market.
TWP’s ambitions for working with local businesses are outlined in our Supply Chain Development Outlook below.

Ayre Offshore Wind Farm - Supply Chain Development Statement

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